Acne Treatment

Personalized acne treatment packages

We have found that acne and scars are a unique and very personal concern for each of our clients. We offer acne solutions for both men and women, from small breakouts on the face to acne on the back or chest. Allow our aestheticians to personalize a treatment solution to best fit your needs. We offer a variety of treatments that can be used by themselves or in combination for fast and effective treatment.

Typical treatment options use a combination of Laser Genesis, which helps tone and texture the skin and helps reduce inflammation. Microdermabrasion helps exfoliate the dead skin cell that can accumulate over time, safe for adults and teenagers with all skin types and uses a diamond tip abrasion machine to remove the unwanted dead skin cells. Chemical peels are typically the last treatment step to help keep your skin clear for extended time periods.

For you ladies out there, quality mineral makeup can do wonders to prevent future breakouts and help keep your skin clear and healthy. We recommend and have available for purchase Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup. Call or stop by for a free color match and check out the selection of great Jane products.

Pimples, blackheads, and skin inflammation can be caused by a multitude of factors such as dry skin, oily skin, stress, hormones, diet, makeup and more.

Often times, combining multiple treatments can produce the best results in acne treatment in the shortest period of time. Precision Laser & Esthetics Med Spa offers the following treatments commonly used for the treatment of acne: