Spider Vein Removal

Spider Vein Removalspider-veins

Spider vein removal is performed with a deep setting on our Yag 1064 that targets the red veins on your face or legs. It breaks down the color in your veins to leave a nice smooth result. Some clients may need more than one treatment, especially when we are treating areas with dense color.

Treating spider veins in the face or legs:

Spider veins are smaller blue or red colored veins that are close to the surface of the skin, they can look like little tree branches or spider webs that branch out from their source. Spider veins typically can occur on the legs or face, especially around your nose.

Clients can usually relate their spider veins to a series of strenuous work outs that has broken blood vessels or excessive sun exposure that has created excess heat that pulls blood from the circulatory system and settles it near the surface. This blood cannot re-enter the circulatory system once it has left, so it will pool in the epidermis, causing spider veins.

Pre-treatment: No antibiotics or blood thinning medications, please avoid excessive or extended sun exposure prior to treatment, also avoid strong chemical peels or microderms prior to treatment.

Treatment: We will start off with paperwork and consultation, we will discuss the treatment and be certain we agree on expectations of the treatment along with possible side effects or reactions.

We will place a light gel in the treatment area to help with cooling then perform a series of light passes in the area instead of one heavy pass. This allows us to gauge the effectiveness more closely and provide a more thorough correction to the area while avoiding adverse reactions. You will feel a snapping sensation caused by the machine as there will some discomfort during the treatment.

Post-treatment: Zero to minimal downtime. blistering is rare, but can occur. Avoid excessive or extended sun exposure, and if you notice a reaction, avoid sunshine as much as possible until the reaction subsides. We typically like to follow up three to four weeks later if needed to touch-up. This is done in efforts to not over-treat the area and damage the skin’s efficacy during treatment which can cause an adverse reaction.

spider vein removal